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Whether you use a tax professional or do-it-yourself, you need an efficient and concise way to present your information. The Audit Defense Package provides you with everything you need to arrange your documentation, explanations and justification for your documentation to provide the best, most defensible position.


The Audit Defense Package is unique product, unlike anything available on the market for taxpayers being audited or professionals that need assistance for clients. The Audit Defense Package is a powerful solution to keep you organized, provide guidance on what documentation is needed, and solidify your defense with crucial explanations and worksheets for your deductions.

Audit Defense Package

SKU: 36523641234523

    When you purchase the Audit Defense Package, you will get all the information you need to stay informed and organized during the tax audit process. For each specific tax deduction, we include critical details and reasoning to support your documentation, along with explanations of what is required and how it should be displayed, in a schedule already structured and printed for you.


    This is a product, not a service. Purchse of this product does not include in-person or telephone consultation.


    No returns will be accepted nor refunds given under any circumstances.


    The Audit Defense Package will be shipped USPS Priority Mail in a Large Flat Rate Box.


    By purchasing this product you agree not to reproduce or resell any part of this package. You also agree that we have the right to sue and collect treble damages and lawyer fees if this condition is violated.

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