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1. The Audit Defense Package is a product, not a service.

2. We can not answer questions about your audit and we can not give you legal tax advice about your specific case.


3. If you have specific questions about the Audit Defense Package, or the website, please fill out the form on the "Contact" page and we will respond to your questions.

4. If you need tax advice, audit guidance or have other questions relating to your specific situation, please contact a Tax Professional. 

5. The Audit Defense Package was designed for Taxpayers or Tax Professionals that need guidance on the necessary documentation, help staying organized during the Tax Audit process, and defensive material to support and get the deductions they rightly deserve. 


6. A Tax Professional will NOT hold your hand and help you put this together.

The Audit Defense Package is specifically designed to be defensive for an audit of Schedule A, Form 2106, Schedule C and Schedule E.  

Read questions and answers to our most common questions. 

Please review the description of the product carefully. This product will help with the organizational framework of the documentary evidence submitted, but more importantly, contains powerful defensive material, IRS rules and court cases which you will not get from a Tax Professional.


When a Tax Professional says "Assemble your documents," the Audit Defense Package product will guide you.

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