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Complete Victory.

"I am pleased to inform you that the NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance has finally refunded my 2015 NYS Tax Refund in full. They must have reviewed my second set of documentation that I sent them. They seem to be a ghost when it comes to communications. I never heard anything from them, they just sent the final check.


I want to thank you for all your help in this process. While this situation is naturally frustrating at times, your guidance helped me get through. I couldn't have gotten this result without the Audit Defense Package."

- Robert Miller, Mahopac, NY

I got ALL my money - PLUS 9 bucks!!!

"I'm VERY happy to inform you that I've received a response from New York State regarding our audit. We received a check for the remainder of the originally claimed amount, PLUS $9!!!

- Paul Scarpati, New Paltz, NY

We owe nothing to the Government!

"The Audit Defense Package was very useful in helping us to organize all of our materials; it provided us with a framework to collect everything we needed in a systematic way. We were thrilled when NY State replied by saying that, not only did we not owe anything, but we still qualified for a refund that was only $300 less than what we requested."

- Rachel Friedman, Rhinebeck, NY

It worked! I got my refund!

"When I received my first letter from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance asking for proof of itemized deductions in three categories, I was inclined to forego my anticipated refund and accept the standard deduction. When I realized that my acceptance of their challenge could result in thousands of dollars in payment, intense scrutiny of three years' worth of returns on both the state and the federal levels, and weeks of paperwork, I began compiling documentation.


It was a lot of work.  I procrastinated in fear and, when I attacked the task at hand, often floundered.


Well into my second year of unemployment, I struggled with the decision of where to spend my dwindling savings. Then I found the Audit Defense Package. I bought it and set to work.


And it worked!  I got my refund and no longer live in fear and trepidation!"

- Cheryl Fleisher, New York City, NY

Stress-free, smooth, and easy to understand.

"Apart from the obvious stress coming from the tax audit, the entire experience of utilizing the Audit Defense Package was very stress-free and smooth. The package is straightforward and easy to understandWe had to deal with enormous amounts of material and yet everything was clearly stated and organized.

We managed to fully defend our case. After a long wait, the state gave us back our money. In fact, as we were compiling our response we came up with few extra invoices where we realized the state owes us more money than we previously stated. This was reflected in NY State's response and we received that extra money, as well. This would not have happened without the Audit Defense Package reminding us about all the different legal points where we can claim tax deductions."

- Ivan Stojakovic, Kew Gardens, NY


An Effective and Powerful Tool.

"Tenenbaum Law, PC is a tax law firm in New York with 30 years of experience focusing on New York State and Federal tax matters. We represent individuals, families and businesses on a wide variety of issues, including audit and collection.


Our attorneys have reviewed the Audit Defense Package, and have found it to be an effective and powerful tool for those who choose to represent themselves in tax disputes with federal and state taxing authorities. In addition to being easy to understand and use, the package provides useful guidance and allows the taxpayer to organize and present the necessary documentation in a logical, clear manner. By doing so, it helps taxpayers defend their positions and support their claimed tax deductions."

-Karen Tenenbaum Esq., Melville, NY

A Product that makes representing your taxpayer almost foolproof!

"40+ years as an Enrolled Agent has taught me to do the work I want done for the Revenue Agent or Revenue Officer myself, but now there is a product that makes representing your taxpayer almost foolproof.

If you offer taxpayer representation or your clients are going to “do it themselves” Robert Greene is offering an outstanding product – an essential tool for a successful engagement with the IRS audit division.


This package has proven very effective in defending against IRS, California, and New York State Audits of the Schedule A, Schedule C, and Schedule E."

- Beanna Whitlock EA, CSA, Reno, NV

Former IRS Agent wishes taxpayers he audited had this package.

"As a former IRS Agent and Certified Public Accountant for 25 years, I am uniquely qualified to appreciate the advantages of using this Audit Defense Package in my practice for any of my clients who are audited.

I wish I would have had this resource from the first day of my CPA practice, and I wish the individuals I had audited in the past would have had this package to present their materials with. It would have made my job a lot easier."

- A. Jonathan Yudien CPA, Boca Raton, FL

A Brilliant Solution to a Common Problem

"As a Certified Public Accountant who is also certified in Financial Forensics, I recommend the Audit Defense Package to any individual facing a federal or state government audit.

The Audit Defense Package is a brilliant solution to a very common problem. In my opinion, with 35 years of experience in this field, it just wouldn't make sense for anyone to handle their audit without the defensive advantages this material provides."

- Stephen Linker CPA, CVA, CFF, FACFEI, North Babylon, Long Island, NY


Highly recommended Film Specialist and Video Magician.

"The magician behind the top-class video that was made for this website, Ben Fundis, with UnderStory Media, is truly an elite in his field. His perfect blend of professionalism and down-to-earth attitude led to an excellent, and painless creation of our video.


Ben is always looking to take on new challenges and diversify into all things film. The quality of his video speaks for itself. He comes highly recommended by everyone that has had the pleasure of working with him, and certainly by us."

Ben Fundis

- Robert Greene CPA, Creator of the Audit Defense Package

Professional Website Development Team.

"The amazing team at 4 Step Studio used their combined 30+ years of experience to develop our professional Wix website. They impressed us right from the start with their vast knowledge of website building, SEO, and marketing.

The entire process was very smooth and the communication was top-notch. They met all of our needs and exceeded our expectations. They truly succeeded in transforming our dream into a reality. For website building of the highest caliber, we strongly recommend 4 Step Studio and their specialized team."

- Robert Greene CPA, Creator of the Audit Defense Package

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