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In this video we explain more about the problem with the tax audit process and how

the Audit Defense Package helps you resolve this complicated situation.


The Audit Defense Package is a unique product, unlike anything available on the market for taxpayers being audited or professionals that need assistance for clients. The Audit Defense Package is a powerful solution to keep you organized, provide guidance on what documentation is needed, and solidify your defense with crucial explanations and worksheets for your deductions.


The required explanations for each deduction are already written for the taxpayer, to explain why the expense is related to a job or business. Without these explanations, expenses which are proven will still be disallowed.


This is the only product of its kind in the United States, and the best way to provide clear, strong, defensible audit documentation.


You will have better results from this process, compared to if you prepare your documents alone, without guidance or assistance.


You will be prepared for the potential next phase of the tax audit process.


More information and guidance is given with each specific tax deduction, as to the specifics of what is required, and how it should be displayed, in a schedule already structured and provided to you.


Gives you guidance and a complete framework to contain your documents.


A tax audit can be stressful for anyone. Using the Audit Defense Package will lower your stress and anxiety.


This product saves you significant time. Remember, you have 60 days to submit your documentation.



When you purchase the Audit Defense Package, you will get all the information you need to stay informed and organized during the tax audit process. For each specific tax deduction, we include critical details and reasoning to support your documentation, along with explanations of what is required and how it should be displayed, in a schedule already structured and printed for you.

Information and Guidance

Information and guidance with each specific tax deduction, as to the specifics of what is required, and how it should be displayed, in a schedule already structured and printed for you.

Employee Business Expenses – Form 2106

Explanations of how each expense relates to your work are already written and inserted in the appropriate places. Without these critical details, or if the explanation is inadequate, the expenses are automatically disallowed, even when you proved clearly that you paid them.

Tax Court Cases

These six Tax Court Cases relate to Charitable Contributions and Employee Business Expenses. These court cases have a total value of $6,000 of deductions that were accepted and allowed by a judge in US Tax Court, all with absolutely NO documentation.

Defensive Questionnaires

Defensive Questionnaires for both the Schedule C Business Profit or Loss and Schedule E Rental Real Estate are included. These questionnaires are specifically designed to identify information which will help the auditor understand your business activity as a whole.

This is critically important, because the absence of this information will be held against the taxpayer.

Generally Accepted Auditing Standards

A 4 page document “Generally Accepted Auditing Standards,” which shows you, the auditor, and future reviewers the standards that an auditor is expected to comply with.

Copies of IRS Rules

References from their own publication, defining the terms “ordinary” and “necessary,” are included. Although all governmental auditing agencies should know and observe the rules, many times they do not, unless the taxpayer insists.

Also, rules stating that documentary evidence is not needed, if your expense is less than $75, specifically for a) travel, b) entertainment, c) gifts, d) car expenses are included. These references are inserted in all of the appropriate places.

Employer Letter & Transmittal Letter

This should be provided to the employer, instead of asking them to write it themselves. If they leave out a critical word, the letter is disregarded, as well as all other work related expense documentation. This lowers the stress level for the employee / taxpayer, as well as the employer, by explaining the context of this letter.

Governmental Forms

Necessary Governmental forms that would be required for future stages of the audit are provided:

     A) Power of Attorney form and Protest Letter outline for California,

     B) Power of Attorney and Conciliatory Conference forms for New York State, and

     C) Power of Attorney, Board of Appeals Request for Compromise, and Board of Appeals Petition forms for Pennsylvania.

Additional Information

Many other components and details to support and defend the taxpayer’s claim of legal and legitimate tax deductions.


Two loose leaf binders, each with 500 sheet capacity and view window.


     A) One binder is for the Government copy.

     B) The other is for the Taxpayer to keep all originals in an exact copy of the documentation sent to the government.

Front Book Covers

Set of front covers for each book, with an extra Volume 2 cover, if you need to get a second 500 sheet capacity binder.

Dividers & Categories

Set of 31 tabs dividers for each book, with a Table of Contents.

Divider full sheet pages for every category of:


Schedule A, Itemized Deductions, including:


  • Medical Expenses 3 page extensive list of deductions

  • Medical Expenses worksheet

  • Non-Cash Charitable inventory form

  • Non-Cash Charitable valuation guide


Form 2106, Employee Business Expenses, including explanations of how each expense relates to your work


Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business


Schedule E, Supplemental Income and Loss (From rental real estate or royalties)

This package will facilitate sequential organization, save you time, and make it easier for the auditor to understand you.

You can discard the pages which do not apply to your situation.

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This product is not designed for the Earned Income Credit or Schedule F (Farms).

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